Baby Kids Safety Lock


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[product name] face multi-function security lock

[Product size]: Length 15cm (see the size chart below for detailed dimensions)

[product weight]: about 20g / piece

[product color]: blue / pink

[Main material]: ABS resin lock + environmental protection PVC lock strip, 3 meters brand foam rubber on the back

[product packaging]: 1 Pack OPP bag

Precautions: When sticking, be sure to dry the surface. Do not move it within 24 hours. It should be easily scrubbed with warm water when cleaning. Do not use your hands to tear open. If the weather is cold, double-sided adhesive is best to use a hair dryer. Its very convenient, its very convenient!

This product can be used for refrigerators, cabinet doors and drawers, toilets and other multi-purpose locks. Prevents the baby from opening, ingesting or messing up the inside of the items to avoid accidents. Using the tape connection makes the product more flexible and suitable for use. Any corners, and will not scratch the furniture during use. The design is lively and lovely, does not hinder the overall beauty of the furniture.

Instructions for use:
1Before using, you must wipe off the dust/oil/moisture from the adhesive to keep the veneer clean.
2 Peel off the release paper on the tape and press firmly on the paste.
3 After attaching, after 24 hours, the adhesive adhesion of the tape will be completely cured and adhered. (Do not try to pull when just pasting, which will affect the adhesiveness of the tape)
4 Do not touch the rubber surface with your hand